Sunday, January 17, 2010

Start at the very begining...

Well this is it.
My first ever blog post - my first ever blog to be honest.

Why did I make this blog - well at this point I am still not quite sure, I know it was a mixture of being inspired by other blogs and my complete and total boredom. Anyway i'm gonna give this thing ago, who knows how long it will last, as I have a tendancy to start things then give up on them after I find something new.... but blogs seem to be growing in popularity, and I kind of like the fact that this ones totally anonymous, as it means I can say exactly what I think about things - and I'm hoping that someone will be bored enough to read them...

I say 'bored enough' as I'm pretty sure, as my blog state, my crap is really not worthy of a blog.
I'm pretty ordinary as you will probably find out - although like everyone I have issues in my life that come and go - mostly come, but sometimes go.

Anyway, I hope someone reads this, just for my own personal satisfaction, in fact if you do read this, thankyou, and don't worry my posts will get better - (as they'll actually be about something rather than a bunch of nothing like this one.)

1 comment:

  1. Hey =) I've recently started a blog its nice to find other newbies ! x

    I'm following you, hope you can do the same =D X