Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some days are bad days...

Like today.
My initial plan: liquid diet.

This was meant to make up for my slight binge on dinner last night (broccoli, carrots & a bowl of muesli). That’s all I ate yesterday though, and compared to today, that’s like nibbling on scraps.

First I woke up and had another bowl of muesli (mum got this new one and unfortunately it’s nice). After kicking myself for falling back into routine (breakfast) I was back on track with liquid’s only, drinking roughly one glass of water each hour – I must of gone to the toilet at least 8 times while I was at work…

That was all good until that f*cker called “lunch” came along. My boss bought me a hot chocolate – which at my work they make with chocolate buttons & full fat milk – delicious, and I guess it still technically fits into the ‘liquid diet’, but it’s pretty much the fattiest fat fat drink ever, and I drank it all. It’s like I just can’t stop myself, pathetic. Sure it didn’t help that my boss and everyone was in the same room, so they would have noticed if I didn’t but even now I just feel like I’m making excuses for myself…

And lunch didn’t stop there. Well no, of course not, I obviously had to stuff my guts with a whole packet of chicken & avocado sushi. I am officially disgusted at myself.

It’s so weird like I’m always so ‘anti-food’, but when someone puts it in front of me, it’s like I think, Oh well I have to eat it, otherwise its rude, plus it’s not that bad....

I’m not sure how many calories this is, and if someone wanted to guess, that’d be great, as I’m curious (& petrified) to find out. (muesli + sickly hot chocolate + 8x chicken sushi pieces)
Whatever you decide a regular hot chocolate is, double it for me, as I promise this was no ordinary hot chocolate…

Argh, and I’m scared as I’m going out to dinner to catch up with some friends tonight – they’ve picked thai food aka. Not healthy whatsoever. Hmm… might have to pull the old “Oh I had dinner before I came, I thought it was just drinks!” and just order diet coke all night… how do you manage these situations, honestly?

Well that’s it for now, thanks for your support and ideas!
Oh and New Zealand is below Australia!


  1. 8 oz hot chocolate: 156 cals
    Idk, how it's made or anything, but that's what calorieking.com says.
    I have no idea about the museli or the sushi, but I'm betting no more than 1000cals for everything.
    But you can do a liquid fast tomorrow! Or today, I have no idea about the time difference in new zealand compared to the american midwest.
    Good luck though!
    Scarlet <3

  2. Oh god, I hate it so much when people just put food in front of me! I totally get what you're saying, just what are you supposed to do? And it seems that they always tend to do it when you're on a fast or a mono-diet. I hope things are going better for you today.

  3. I'm the same, if people put food in front of me I feel oblijed to eat it! To be honest, you didn't do all that badly. Could definately have been worse! Wow, you live in New Zealand! I really want to go there someday!! stay strong and think posotive!