Tuesday, January 19, 2010


  1. hey :) thanks for taking the time to read my blog, it means a lot :) it was comforting to see that im not the only one obssessed over a few pounds, hahaha each pound just KILLS me, i swear. well, stay strong!<3


  2. thanks for your the comment.
    that really is a shame about your bf, anything we can get out of a bad situation eh?
    sometimes facebook can uncover things we'd wish we'd never known and other time we're glad we found them anyway.
    Think thin x

  3. hey thanks for writing me.
    i went through my blog entry's and it looks like i was about 120 1/2pds on 12/22/09 and on 12/29/09 i had finally dropped down to 119pds. and the next day i believe i was 117 1/2pds. i think what really did it for me was fluctuating my cals by at least 100 difference every day(400 one day and 500 the next). and i try to set my highest allowed intake(excluding binges of course lol) to about 500cals in the beginning and as ive lost more weight ive risen it to about 600 cal highest intake. it took me a while though to get past the 120's so dont get discouraged if it takes you a few weeks to get below 120. ive been stuck at 115 for like a month now so i know how frustrating it can be. just hang in there and take it day by day, the most important thing is to stay positive. your going to do great.

  4. Way more! I've been tracking it. I get about 5 pounds heavier from water one week every month. :((