Saturday, January 23, 2010

I heart diet coke...

Ok so i went to two 21st's this weekend, and I did pretty well with managing my alcohol intake 9which is rather tricky as my friends and I love a drink...) Anyway I struck to vodka & diet coke (even though cocktails were subsidised :s ) and even just ordered diet coke half the time too. So i did ok, well better than I thought i was gonna anyway.
Haven't eaten much this weekend, a piece of toast this morning, and some sushi yesterday, but thats about it.

I have a plan for this week too, as i'm really wanting to get out of the 120's asap! My plan invovles exercise 5 times this week, and a diet of raw nuts, cucumber, carrots and maybe the odd banana before the gym.
Hopefully i can stick to it, its only 5 days, i mean i really should be able to...

Otherwise i'm getting my colonic next saturday, when I rang and booked I asked the lady about effects it can have on one's weight, and she said (in a more polite way) that this one old fat lady in her 50's went and got one for the first time and lost almost 7kg! holy crap thats amazing! i would love that!!! but i doubt that will be the smae for me, because i'm not that old, so i wont have as much shit in my colon as she did, but hopefully i can go down abit...

But i know it wont really change my appearance because its just stuff coming out of my colon, it wont make me look any different, it will hopefully just change what i see on the scales, and jump start my weight loss a little... i'll let you all know how it goes anyway :)

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  1. Yeah, colonics ARE appealing as strange as that sounds. It's just you do it and you get on the scale and OMG you've lost seven pounds in a day or something. It does jumpstart weightloss though from what I've read. Speeds up the metabolism. The only bad thing is that I think they're just clearing the large intestine (6 ft) and not the small intestine (19 ft)...oops, tmi, sorry!
    Your new diet sounds like it should work really well! Good luck!
    Scarlet <3