Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 3 of 5

So yesterday (day 3) i followed a 'banana diet' (well that's what im calling it). I ate 3 banana's and a handful of nuts.... o and a kfc snack burger.... shit.... but hopefully thats still atleast under 1000 calories?
I went to the gym aswell, but didnt stay for as long as i usually do because i hurt my arm and it was quite painful.
Today im doing the 'carrot diet' - yup made that up too.
I really wish there was a faster way to do this, im so impatient.


  1. Haha, The Carrot Diet is awesome. I've done it before. I feel like that makes it official. :)

    And I know what you mean about impatient:
    When I tell myself I won't check the scale for an entire week, I literally have to hide it somewhere impossible so that I don't rush to it in the mornings. I just want to see progress! lol

  2. lol ive done the asparagus diet but all it did was make my pee smell funny...
    i might try that carrot diet next, youll have to update to tell us how it goes.
    just dont eat too many or youll turn orange. and whats the point of being skinny if you look like a orange popsicle. :)
    stay strong

  3. Yeah, patients is a virtue, but impatience is a constant!! Lol :)
    We're all the same here, we all want progress and we want it now!!!
    The carrot diet sounds fun, I've tried the apple/orange diet, that was very fun!! Haha.
    Good luck and keep up the good work!!
    Scarlet <3

  4. i've tried the banana diet and it was an epic failure ): hahahaha i'm looking forward to how everything goes! i totally get you with the patience issue. I'm very impatient so I tend to fail on my goals a lot. Just don't ever give up. Stay strong<3


  5. Hey dear, I'm a new reader/follower. I had a diet for a while were I picked a vegetable and a fruit and ate nothing but that for a week, then picked a new vegetable and new fruit for the next week and ate nothing but that. So what is carrot/banana week one week can turn into cucumber/watermelon week the next week. Problem is you get sick of it after a while and have to spice it up a bit. :)

    Good luck with your diet!!!



  6. Yeah deffinately update so we can see how things worked out.
    What Embre said really made me giggle and I agree, so try not to turn orange (:
    Aimee x