Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days' 4 & 5 of 5

Even though it was kind of ages ago now (like almost a week!) I feel like I should finish what I started with my 5 day diet reviews.
So as i remember day 4 was pretty rubbish, but day 5 was all good, until I went out and had far too much to drink. Alcohol is my weakness, I actually get so many calories from it... damn it, wish I was a cheap drunk...

Anyway, i feel slack that its been so long since my last post, so i'm going to write a good one today, and post it up in a couple of hours - i actually have quite a bit to say and I need some helpful advice, so please check back soon.

Also thankyou guys for keep posting, because I have been reading yours and they help me stay on track so bad :) its really helpful, like you guys are a real support network (dont mean to get too mushy on ya!)

But I'll write again soon - and dont worry it'll be better than this very below-av post