Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 months later, and still the same shiz

Yup its been pretty much 5 months since my last post, and there have been a few reasons why:

1. Lack of access to internet, my laptop is fu*ked, can’t get on the net without it crashing
2. Got a new job (whoop) but have had to work, as am in an office with my boss who can see straight on my screen…. No time for play 
3. Embarrassed… have been on a rollercoaster of up and down dieting, losing a kg, and then putting on 2, again and again…. Haven’t weighed myself in a couple of months as I’m scared to see the result…

Anyway now I’m back and determined to end this terrible cycle and get skinny by Summer 
It’s July now, so I’ve hot about 4 months to shape up and get a sexy flat stomach and slim thieghs before summer  (summer is in December over here)
Now last time I was using this handy motivation tool (love blogging!) was in Feb, when I was weighing in at around about 57kg. Now I’d estimate I’m closer to 60kg . Gay balls.
But My goal for December will be 52kg ---- total weight to loose: 8kg.
Honestly that’s not even that much over 4 months, so I’m not exactly setting the bar super high, but at least it’s a start. And if I do reach this target, I will (hopefully) be most satisfied, and it will only really get better from there.

So with 8kg’s to loose how will I do it:
-Gym minimum of 5 times per week, atleast 1 hour sessions, with high cardio workout included
- Cut down on BREAD!!! Goodness I eat so much of this stuff!
- Take special days to diet – actually did a vege/ fruits diet last week for 5 days, and it was alright, going to try this “Wonder Soup” diet soon, maybe next week as it looks alright too
- Just make healthy choices in general…. Start slow and build myself up 

SO I know its easier said than done, but I WANT TO BE SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I will follow my plan and do good and I WILL BE!!!!!


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